GAMING ROOM IDEAS :Create The Ultimate Gaming Setup desk

  1. Elegant Minimalist

This Scandinavian inspired home office design reflects the cool and focus of the minimalist and organised gamer. Its light grey walls are unadorned, the L-shaped desk is clear of clutter and the palette is neutral – white, grey and black. The cool blue ambient lighting betrays the gamer aspect of the room. 


  1. Crates of Fun

A fun and dreamy hub for the most ardent gaming enthusiast. A widescreen monitor for intense gaming, comfortable chair and floor, striking red ambient lights and enough shelves for controllers and games collection. The best thing about this gaming room is its DIY ingenuity – recycled crates serve the purpose and look amazing too!

  1. Lighted Glass Shelves

Any home office needs storage. For the gamer’s hub, everything has to be snazzy as it is functional. This rack of glass shelves is sleek, functional and striking. The LED lighting projected to the shelf edges delivers the stunning and flashy look of the gaming room. 

  1. The Red Room

Fierce, bright, flashy. The show of intense red lights contrasts the dark mood of this gaming room. The backlights line the back of the desk and reflect on the walls, floor and ceiling. The sleek black and red gaming chair complete the look.

  1. A Gaming Corner

You can turn your tiny home office into a gamer’s nook. This modern minimalist office design includes a desk, a shelf and a rack of drawers. A cool and comfortable gamer’s chair and a set of Star Wars frames inject the cool gamer vibe.

  1. Power Player

Any serious gamer fanatic will love a powerful machine and the gear that goes with it. Multiple screens, cool ambient lighting, surround sound system, and a comfy chair in a darkened room will put on the gaming mood.

  1. Cool Game Room

Home office by day, a gaming room by night. Turn your home office into a gaming room you can enjoy during your off times. By adding ambient lighting and a cool wall feature, this sedate home office becomes a gamer’s hub when the light’s turned off.

  1. Colours and Lights

A play of light and colours. Any gaming enthusiast deserves this bright and intense gaming room vibes. Backlights, strip lights and ambient lighting in different colours and shapes will boost and drive the inner warrior in you.

  1. Black Ensemble

Take the easy way of putting together a cool and trendy home office and gaming hub. A great idea for smaller homes with no actual room for an office, just buy everything in black – desk, monitors, computer paraphernalia, chair and even the accent rug.

  1. The Game Zone

Get into the playing zone with this spaceship-inspired gaming room. The grey room includes walls and floors that feature stripes to resemble pipes and walkways, the power door comes with a storage shelf at the back and the ceiling is a huge lighting feature.

Source : renoguide