Nintendo Switch goes to version 10.1.0

The Nintendo Switch knows on June 5, 2020 a new patch for its version 10.0.0, in order to pass to version 10.1.0. As usual with a "minor" update, the changes are minimal. Nintendo has therefore communicated on this new version, indicating that the changes are as follows:

It is nevertheless possible and quite conceivable that other new features will be discovered by the players, it will be enough for us to wait a few days. This was already the case with the famous "boost-mode" which had not been announced, but which does indeed exist.

How to update your Nintendo Switch?

If your console does not offer you the update directly, no worries. The procedure is very simple: on the home screen of your Nintendo Switch, go to the Settings menu (symbolized by a gear, under the list of your games). Go down the vertical menu on the left until you see the Console menu. Click it, then click Update Console. Then pressing Update console, a message will appear warning you that it will have to restart, and that you must quit the game you are currently playing. Three seconds after the end of the update, your Nintendo Switch restarts .


Source: switch-actu